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We “AIoT Korea Exhibition 2021(Organizer)” value your privacy and are committed to protect all personal information we collect. And we comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. Here’s how the organizer manages the collection, use, disclosure, and handling of personal information in accordance with this act

▶ Purposes of Such Collection

Organizer collect personal information due to the following purposes.
- To provide information regarding the exhibition events (mandatory)
- To provide information regarding resembling events running by AIoT Korea Organizer.

▶ Items to be Collected

The items collected by the orgnizer are as follows:
- Items: Name, Telephone number, address, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, company name, department, position, office phone number, cookies, etc.
- Website(Pre-register, Enterprises Consultation Booking, Exhibitor Online Registration), etc.

▶ Period of Retention

In principle, the Organizer destructs personal information of users without delay when the purpose of its collect and use has achieved. However, the Orgnizer will retain the following information for certain period as designated.
- Items to be collected: Name, telephone number, address, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, company name, department, position, office phone number
- Purpose of use: Provision, research, and planning of the AIoT Korea Exhibition related service. (mandatory)/ to provide information regarding resembling events running by the AIoT Korea organizer.
- Record on collection/process, and use of information: 2 years

※ The collected data could be shared with Association of Korea Exhibition Industry(AKEI) for the exhibition verification, however, it will not be shared with a 3rd party for any other purposes.
※ Photos and videos taken by the organizers in the exhibition can be used to promote the Exhibition.

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Agriculture / Forestry / Fisheries / Mining
Manufacturing ( Home appliances Liquor Fashion Food Car Chemical )
Electric / Gas / Steam / Water supply, Disposal of Sewage·Waste, Environmental restoration
Transportation / Logistics
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Devices/Platform Technology and Products
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  • City/Safety - Smart city/building, Facility Safety Management Service, etc.
  • Health/Medical Care - Smart Health Care, Smart Wellness, Smart After-Care Service, etc.
  • Home/Appliances/Office - Smart Office, Smart Home, Intelligent Housing Management Service, etc.
  • Energy - Building Energy Management System, High Voltage Remote Reading Service, etc.
  • Manufacturing - Manufacturing Process Automation System, Industrial Safety Solution, etc.
  • Car/Traffic - Intelligent Traffic Management System, Vehicle Control System, etc.
  • Environment - Water Pollution/Reservoir Management System, Meteorological Observation System, etc.
  • Distribution/Logistics/Retailing - Goods Recommended Service, Optimal Transport Path Service, Vending Machine, etc.
  • Others  
  • IoT Device
  • Device Platform
  • Communication Module
  • Sensor/ Component
  • Network
  • Information Security

Purpose of Visit

Purchase and source product
Collect new product and technology
Purchase product and technology
Collect market information
General Admission
Look for new partners
Visit existing customer
Determine whether participated in Exhibition or not in the future
Attend conference

Route of Visit

Invitation flyer / Online invitation
E-mail / E-newsletter
Search engine(Google, Bing, etc.)
Blog / SNS
Relevant Agency / Organization
Partners / Acquaintance
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