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AIoT Korea Exhibition 2024

  • DateOctober 30(Wed)-November 1(Fri), 2024
  • VenueCOEX Hall D, 3F, Seoul, Korea
  • Hosted by미래창조과학부
  • Organized by한국사물인터넷협회 케이훼어스

Key Exhibits

loT 디바이스 및 플랫폼

Products and Solutions


  • · Image/voice recognition analysis, predictive/preventive maintenance,
      digital twin, etc.
  • · IoT platform, cellular communication platform, device platform,
      open-source hardware platform
  • · Chips, modules, sensors, gateways, tags, readers, antennas, etc.
· Wired and wireless communication equipment, parts, and more
  (5G, NB-IoT, Sigfox, e-Um 5G)
  • · Device security, communication/network security, platform/service security,
      biometric security, etc.
loT 디바이스 및 플랫폼

Manufacturing Business

  • < Manufacturing businesses in various sectors including automobile, electricity, electronics, chemical, steel, machinery, and home appliance >
  • · Process and production management solutions, predictive diagnostics, smart factory, process
      automation systems, and more
AI 기술 및 하드웨어

Industrial and Residential
Safety Disasters and Catastrophes

  • · AI and IoT-based disaster response systems and solutions, digital safety management systems,
      integrated catastrophic safety control solutions, industrial safety solutions, etc.
유무선통신 기술 및 네트워크 장비/부품

Smart Home, Smart Office
and Smart Healthcare

  • · Smart appliances/robots, home entertainment, smart work solutions, autonomous seating/meeting   room reservation system, biometric authentication system, visitor management system
      (including electronic plaque, electronic locker and kiosk), telemedicine system,
      smart health/beauty care, special care and support service for the socially disadvantaged, and more
보안 제품 및 솔루션

Smart Cities,
Smart Villages

  • · Smart transportation (including UAM), smart construction infrastructure, lighting/CCTV integrated
      management platform, smart park (including street light control system), smart quarantine service,   smart government, and more
AI+IoT 융합서비스 & 솔루션

Energy & Environment

  • · AI and IoT-based energy-saving services, smart energy service platform, urban regeneration,
      eco-friendly food resourceization, smart water grid system, atmospheric environment monitoring
      and control system, etc.
AI+IoT 융합서비스 & 솔루션

Distribution • Logistics, Agricultural and Livestock Production

  • · AI and IoT-based logistics automation system, smart SCM solution, smart agriculture (including smart
      farm machinery and smart farm), agricultural and fishery production process management (including
      growth management and monitoring system)