AIoT Product / Solution Presentation

  • AIoT Product / Solution Presentation

Event Summary

  • DateOctober 23(Wed), 2019
  • VenueSeminar Room in COEX 1F, Hall A
  • Organized by

2019’s Program

Period Products or Solutions Presented Speaker
13:30–13:45 Precise Localization-based Smart Factory Solution Geospace GEOPLAN Korea
13:45–14:00 GUI-Based System Test Automation Solutions / Squish Coco SoftFlow Solution
14:00–14:15 End-to-End IoT Platform Services for Corporate Servitization: NUBISON IoT Services Simplatform
14:15–14:30 LTE CAT-M1 Supporting Multipurpose Module LCN-300 for Developing Indoor and Outdoor Location Tracking Solutions Vinetech
14:30–14:45 Automated Store Management System (SPIDER-GO) and RFID-based Inventory Management Self-driving Robot (DRAGONFLY) Tactracer co., Ltd.
14:45–15:00 Authentication Solutions for 5G and IoT UL Korea Inc.
15:00–15:15 IoT Emergency Door Automated Opening System for Security and Safety K&TECH
15:15–15:30 MX Protocol & MatchX Low Power WAN Gateway MXC Foundation & MatchX
15:30–15:45 IoT-Based Smart Electric Fire Prevention System (i-Firesens) FS Co., Ltd.


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